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Our CES Las Vegas impressions for clients and partners

Even if there were no spectacular product launches this year at the CES the general theme was evolution instead of innovation. Manufacturers have introduced many new wearables of 2nd or 3rd generations. This shows that all smart accessories are becoming more important for the users.

This is supported by recent studies: Over the past year the number of smart wearables shown at the CES have increased from 33 to 159! 38 companies in 2015 compared to only 9 in 2014 follow the trend.

But all the new smart devices need a battery draining connection to the smartphone to be really smart. Because of the limited runtime, energy supply solutions included external power banks and high output chargers is more important than ever. Also the convenient wireless charging helps the annoying, but unavoidable charging necessity as pleasant as possible.

Emie Powerbank Doodle Devil

Emie Powerbank Doodle Devil 5200 mAh ZDW2

Contents: Emie Power Bank Doodle Devil, USB Cable, Carring Strap, Storage Bag, User Manual Technical data: – Featu…

EAN: 6955631301153

Samsung S Charger        Pad EP-PN915IW white

Samsung S Charger Pad EP-PN915IW white

Contents: Samsung S ChargerPad Inductive Wireless Charger, Unit Box, Manual Technical data: – Inductive charging pad c…

EAN: 8806086447461

HTC Fast Charger 15W        TC P1000 black

HTC Fast Charger 15W TC P1000 black

Contents: HTC Charger TC P1000 USB, Micro USB Cable Technical data: – Qualcomm quick charge technology 2.0 – 100-240V…

EAN: 4718487659753

  • 16 Jan, 2015