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Our IFA 2014 review – for you!

It’s obvious, the list of mobile phone manufacturers keeps growing:

63 (Yes, 63!) mobile phone companies, many new ones like Wiko, One+, Kaazam, Oppo, Telefunken. Today they are a newcomer, tomorrow they are established. Their – even entry level – devices are now already very powerful and that is why they are positioning themselves well in the market.

38 smart watch exhibitors, who already have market ready smart watches are competing to acquire customers. More than 100 headset and mobile speaker companies are introducing the already known technology, however in new, fresh designs.

The communication equipment exhibitors said for themselves that their hopes are on the iPhone 6, although they also know the Apple market shares show another message. And while everybody is hoping for iPhone 6, Sony is quietly doubling their market shares and Samsung has introduced almost 40 new mobile phones since the Galaxy S5.

mobileplus is focusing on strong brands and high stock availability. Our product range is further getting more widened and more efficient.

We keep aiming to satisfy you as a customer and also advise you to pick up on the general trend with to create backorders. Many of our customers have experienced the advantages already. This way you ensure steady supply for new and rare items.

We are looking forward to our further cooperation.

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  • 11 Sep, 2014