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In our shop you can search for any keyword or a combination of keywords, respectively. The more specific the search term, the better the search results. The following properties are being searched: the article name, the article description, the manufacturer number, the moblileplus article number and the EAN. Thereby, any of the search terms is being searched in any of these fields while upper and lower case spelling is ignored. In case your desired article could nevertheless not be found, please check if you might have missed inserting special characters or a hyphen.

On the left side beneath the search input field you find a drop-down selection for limiting the search to a specific product group.

IMPORTANT: If you start the search from within a group or subgroup the standard is that only this group or subgroup will be searched. In this case the name of the respective group is shown left of the search input field. If you don’t want to limit the search please select “all” from the dropdown menu.
As far as only your e-mail address, phone number or delivery address within the same country has changed, you can carry out the changes by yourself under "My mobileplus". If other information have changed, like your customer profile, tax information or bank data, or if your new delivery address is not in the same country anymore, please report to us in writing by either facsimile (accounting fax: +49 (0) 821 650779-44) or email to office [AT] mobileplus.de.
In the login area, under "My mobileplus", you can find a summary of all your orders, credit notes with payment data as well as tracking links, back orders, RMA returns and a summary of all outstanding invoice amounts.
Our account managers can help you to certain extend. However, we cannot give you any repair instructions on the phone. As IFIXIT partner and distributor we recommend that you always work with IFIXIT repair tools. Using good tools always pays off. Moreover, you can download repair instructions at www.ifixit.com.
Of course we have an RMA department. Following the link "download" you can download help guidelines - please strictly follow these guidelines in order to avoid any possible complications. Packages that arrive without an RMA form will not be accepted.
We have adjusted the prices individually to the respective customer purchasing behavior. The higher your monthly turnover, the higher is your fixed discount we can offer you. Your fixed discount will be displayed for you under "My mobileplus". The crossed out price on the left is the regular price without any discount, and the visible price on the right is your discount price. Additionally, there is the so called quantity price. The more articles you buy of one heading, the cheaper the price will be again for one article. However, the fixed discount does not apply here but only for the 1piece, i.e. the highest price. For articles with a very short margin, for example memory cards, we can only offer quantity prices. You can tell an article only can be offered with a quantity price when five different prices are shown, or when there is no crossed out price on the left. The discountable articles also have a * star in front of the article description on the invoice and in the shopping cart. The total savings made by your fixed discount will be shown on your invoice.
For logistic and tax reasons a collection by the customer is not possible.
After shipment of the goods you can track your orders with your tracking number under "My mobileplus". We ship with UPS, GLS or by carrier. You can recognize UPS tracking numbers by the combination of numbers. A cash on delivery parcel for example has the number 1ZER43937 and the number for a standard delivery is 1ZER43936.
If you have noticed an error in your order too late, please immediately call us. We will try to help you. However, all orders that have already been picked cannot be cancelled. Built up back orders can be managed at "My mobileplus" at any time.
We constantly strive to send out the ordered goods the same day an order has been completed. In doing so we proceed in accordance with the FIFO (first-in, first-out) method. The earlier you order, the more likely it is that the goods leave the house that same day. This strongly depends on the warehouse utilization on that day. It is difficult to appoint a fixed time line, but 98% of the orders completed before 4pm are shipped out of the warehouse on the same working day.
New customers buy from us by advance payment or cash on delivery (via UPS). A purchase on account is possible after a customer check has been completed and after a certain purchasing volume has been reached. Otherwise, we also offer SEPA direct debits after written agreement.
We regularly sell special items and pallet goods. Many of our offered articles are exclusively distributed by us. It is possible that these articles can be bought elsewhere but the origin of goods is our warehouse. We therefore recommend regularly visiting our online shop in order to find new products, lots and exclusive articles. We also inform our customers about news and special offers by newsletter.
We regularly send booklets (without our company logo) to our customers which are also available for download. Additionally, we have mobile phone dummies as well as other POS material in our range of products which can be ordered at cost price or also partially free of cost.
All article statuses are shown in our online shop in real time. As far as available from the manufacturer, delivery times are also shown. We differentiate between the different article statuses with various colours:

Green = large quantities available from stock
Yellow = moderate quantities available from stock
Red = not available from stock, ETA will be shown if available.

To simplify the overview you can filter articles according to the following criteria:

NEW = articles that have just been listed or new arrived articles
Standard = articles that are in the regular range of goods
EOL = phased out articles, that we will not reorder (End-Of-Life)
EOP = articles that are no longer available from the manufacturer (End-Of-Production)
We are wholesaler and distributor and have the minimum order value, which depends on the delivery address. For details please have a look at our shipping rate list.
We have, by statutory provision, a WEEE Registration Number and are using the DGP system.
mpsmobile GmbH commits to store any data records in accordance with statutory regulations. The information we store will not be passed on to any third parties for marketing purposes. All data is encrypted according to the latest standards. You can therefore register as a new customer without any concerns.
You can reach us during our regular office hours, preferably via e-mail, at the following contact details:

Central Mail: info [AT] mobileplus.de
Central phone: +49 (0) 821 650779-0
Central fax: +49 (0) 821 650779-44

Sales E-Mail: customer [AT] mobileplus.de
Sales phone: +49 (0) 821 650779-100
Sales fax: +49 (0) 821 650779-66

Accounting E-Mail: office [AT] mobileplus.de
Accounting phone: +49 (0) 821 650779-13
Accounting fax: +49 (0) 821 650779-44

Purchasing Department: offer [AT] mobileplus.de
Returns: rma [AT] mobileplus.de
Support phone: +49 (0) 821 650779-100
Logistics phone: +49 (0) 821 650779-54
Management: info [AT] mobileplus.de
Please contact us via e-mail at: offer [AT] mobileplus.de. Please understand that we can only answer qualified offers (with quantities, EAN codes, availability of goods, prices and further details). The actual listing as distributer can only take place after successful review of your listing request.
Our sales agents will inform you about all trade fairs we will be represented at.
We are pleased to welcome our business partners and project customers in our premises! We place special value on prior arrangement regarding the date, in order to be best prepared for our meeting.
You can find detailed information hereto in the customer portal "My mobileplus". Returned packages that are not in compliance with the procedures prescribed therein will not be accepted.
Please request for a new password with your e-mail address or call our support at +49 (0) 821 650779-100.
Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. Click here on new customer to register and fill in all mandatory fields. Please do not forget to enter your tax number so that the verification can be processed quickly. Afterwards, please send us a copy of your trading license or certificate of registration via e-mail. After having checked your registration request we will assign you with a customer number and send you your personal access information within 24 hours. You will already then be able to order from us. Should you not get an e-mail from us within 24 hours, please call +49 (0) 821 650779-100, or send an e-mail to customer [AT] mobileplus.de.
Mobile phones are not part of our core business. Occasionally, we can offer end of line stocks, otherwise we concentrate on what we are best in: Communication equipment!
We have more than 2500 accessories and spare parts & repair tools. At our company you can get brand name accessories from 4smarts, Alcatel, Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, iFixit, Jabra, Kingston, LG, Motorala, Nokia, Noosy, Plantronics, Rock, Samsung, Sony, Trendy8 und ZTE, to name only the most important.
Always oriented on the trends and developments on the markets our range of products flexibly varies.
Since 2002 mpsmobile GmbH has continuously grown on the market and now has over 40 reliable employees with specialized know-how. In the last three years our team has achieved a yearly average turnover of 23 million Euro.
We are a wholesale business and exclusively serve commercial customers. Unfortunately, we do not accept purchase orders from private customers.

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